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Why I do this job

Not the most inspirational post title, is it?

Big companies have mission statements and vision statements: you can click on a website link and find out why the exist and what their purpose is. Well, I figure it's high time that I do similar.

Jury's out on the name, so answers on a postcard please

I had a kind of 'lightbulb' moment a week or so ago at the book launch of Why Mothering Matters written by my wonderful Doula Mama, Maddie McMahon. As well as Maddie, two other incredible women were launching their titles too, Why Caesarean Matters and Why Induction Matters. Listening to these women, I sort of felt like all of the muddle of my 'why' came together in a beautiful symphony.

Remembering back to when I went through puberty, had irregular periods, mood swings, dizziness.... I was told 'it's normal, it's part of being a woman'

Remembering intense period pain and heavy periods: I was told 'it's normal, it's part of being a woman'

Remembering morning sickness in pregnancy: 'it's normal, it's part of being a woman'

Remembering: not being listened to in labour, feeling undignified, undermined and infantilised, not being supported postnatally, painful breastfeeding, surviving an abusive relationship, having postnatal anxiety, thrush, struggling to balance work/life, cystitis, struggling to find my feet in the world, postnatal haemorrhoids, feeling like a substandard mother: 'it's normal, it's part of being a woman'

Seeing women suffer FOR YEARS with the perimenopause. Hear them report that they no longer feel like themselves and are not happy in their own skin: 'it's normal, it's part of being a woman'

I for one have had ENOUGH of being told that we have to deal with it because we are women - fobbed off with a green slip for a prescription or interventions we don't want but are either too afraid to question or we just really don't feel worthy. We think that genuinely is our lot and we just have to suck it up.

I am here to tell you that it is not ok for you to just have to deal with this. I am here to support you, hold your hand and show you the options available to you throughout all of your feminine journey: giving you back some of the confidence to listen to that powerful inner voice and trust the process. Womens bodys are capable of growing and sustaining human life, are we expected to believe that we aren't powerful goddesses deserving and worthy of so much more than a packet of painkillers and sent home like a 'good girl'?


Breaking that down into bite-sized chunks, I got:

* I support individuals when they are feeling most vulnerable

* I help to show you the options available to you - ALL of the options, and support you on your individual journey

* I help you to find your power and use the tools you have to make informed decisions

I want you to go from feeling like a wellbeing worrier to a wellbeing WARRIOR - feeling empowered and totally the driving force behind your journey, whether it's sorting out PMS, improving fertility, sailing through the perimenopause, reducing anxiety or powering through pregnancy and birth: having ownership of all of this is incredible and will reawaken that fire inside you once again, allowing you to recognise your inner strength and live your life with the care and the good health that you want and deserve.

So that's my why and I hope if you're reading this and feeling a burst of passion, that we can work together to help you achieve your goals. Book in for a free introductory chat with me to find out more!

Jo x

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