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Success Stories

Just to let you know I had my baby on Thursday at home (I was alone in my bathroom before the midwife arrived or the pool could be inflated!) a true home birth.

I'm now tackling breastfeeding but feeling good and so thankful for your support. The hypnobirth tracks made a huge difference to me and I really think they helped me cope with labour to the point I wasn't sure it had really begun! Thank you of course for all your help prior to our antenatal chat too. 

Hannah, Manchester (on the 14 week programme, and subsequent antenatal support)

'Jo has been a huge source of inspiration in my infertility journey. She's a great listener who offers a truly holistic, non-judgmental approach, not only supplying herbs to balance my hormones but providing practical, tailored lifestyle advice too. Jo helped me think differently about my cycle and opened my eyes to the importance of resilience when you're trying for a baby. Our Skype consultations felt just as intimate as they would if they were face-to-face, and I'm hugely grateful for having her sympathetic ear during an uncertain period of my life, while I waited for appointments and tests. She's been a huge comfort'

Claire, Berkshire (on the 14 week programme)

I've probably always got pretty hormonal and had a tendency towards flying off the handle a bit, so I asked Jo if she could help with that...I can honestly say, the stuff that used to drive me crazy before (and I used to wonder why it drove me crazy) doesn't seem to bother me as much - or rather, I can deal with it all more calmly...And most importantly, I have the time and head-space to appreciate my kids more. Because although they can be annoying, they are lots of fun - and I was really missing out on that' 

Emma, Hertfordshire

So friendly and understanding. Helps to reassure. Great listener

N, Bedfordshire

'Jo, I ovulated on my own last month and this!... What wonderful news for us'

Ms M H, London

'I am now pregnant and my periods had regulated'

Mrs LR, London

'Jo Farren has been really helpful and I would highly recommend her if you have health issues. She's done wonders for my anxiety and consequently, my fertility’ 

Mrs A M, Hertfordshire

Photo of pressed flowers
'When I started to have some health issues a year ago I've turned to Jo for help...I am so grateful to find Jo. She helped me to resolve my period problems very quickly. Jo is a very kind, knowledgeable herbalist and I always feel comfortable and relaxed in her presence. I would recommend herbs and Jo to anybody who is considering herbal treatment'

Mrs P S, London

Photo of herbal tea in glass cup

'Felt so much better when taking the herbs, my mood lifted and it was much easier to get to sleep. Definitely give it a try. Stopped me having to use anti depressants'

Mrs NS, Surrey

'I came re all sorts of problems, the herbs were very beneficial and certainly helped to calm my headaches down. I thank you for your ongoing support'

Mrs A B, Enfield

'I came off the pill in April 2011 due to being on it for too many years. I was on it to control my hormones and keep my acne at bay. Everything was fine with my skin at first and I slowly watched my skin begin to flare up badly a year later...Although I had tricky skin and my hormonal imbalance was way out, Joanne was so persistent and patient with me and together with my input of how my skin was reacting to the medicine and her knowledge, she managed to find the right medicine for me and now I am finally back to having clear skin :) To be honest it's probably the clearest skin I've had. I truly believe Joanne can help balance or sort out any problems you have because mine was a tricky case and to think where I am now to where I started I couldn't be happier.'

Miss N T, Hertfordshire

'The reason I sought the help of a herbalist was to assess if I did have an adrenal disorder, something which had been identified by a nutritionist seven years previously when I had become seriously ill with what was medically describes as 'an extreme stress reaction' and 'exhaustion'. At the time I had been placed on heavy sedative medication...From the moment I spoke with Jo on the phone I felt that I had found someone who would help me get to the bottom of the issue, in a professional and compassionate way... The herbal medication has helped to reduce the sudden surges and loss of energy which I had been experiencing before...I know that herbalism has helped me retain and grow a better quality of daily life then I would have if I had relied solely on conventional medicine'

Mrs T A, London

'I was at a low ebb, after having debilitating bouts of cystitis on and off for the previous couple of years...At my first consultation with Jo, she immediately understood and sympathised with my situation...It was a huge relief to have found someone who fully appreciated my own approach to health and who listened sympathetically.

The medicine Jo has provided for me has been hugely beneficial; I have gradually been able to return to my normal lifestyle...I feel in safe and professional hands with Jo and am so glad to have her expertise available to me'

Mrs J H, Hertfordshire

Photo of various herbs and remedies
Photo of dried flower petals

'whenever I get a tightness in my chest and think "uh-oh...bug danger ahead": - once I have had a sip or two of your wonderful concoction, almost at once my lungs open up and calm down!'

Ms C R, Hertfordshire

'Within in a couple of weeks, a lot of my symptoms disappeared, over the last few months,I have felt like my old self....I’ve never been to a herbalist before, but I recommend Jo, she listens and is so caring, but also wants you to get back on your feet again, so you begin to feel well again.'

Mrs TM, Hertfordshire

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