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About Me

I became a herbalist because I had a deep desire to help people; pretty basic but it's the truth! A herbal consultation is a very different experience to that which you may have had before: you will really feel listened to, cared for and heard when you come away from our consultation, with a positive outlook about the future of your health and wellbeing. Working with me, you will learn to value your health, seeing and feeling changed that you can make and maintain for the better so that you can start feeling like you again! 

Investing the time and enegry in your health is so rewarding and you'll feel the same once you feel the results; I am a firm believer in that you can't pour from an empty cup, so gaining the tools to get and stay well is fundamental for a happy and healthy life . Understanding that your actions have a profound impact on how you feel can be so empowering - allowing you to harness that strength and power and use it to manage your health. 

Using Herbal Medicine is a gentle approach; it is not designed to be a quick fix, this will help to rebalance and work on the underlying issues so that we can restore your good health and you don't require ongoing medicines 'forever and a day'.


The prescriptions I use are Western Herbal Medicine; herbs in the form of liquid tinctures, loose dried herbs as a tea or capsules and using herbs which are predominantly native to Northern Europe - some you may be able to find in your own back garden!


Investing the time and money working with me allows you to have holistic and personalised approach to your health: something that will save you both time and money in the long run, over hastily made purchases which worked for someone else. Not only this, but you will also have my insight on factors such as diet and lifestyle, which when put into action can have an additional profound effect on your health.


All of my medicines are plant based and due to the bespoke nature of the work we do, our treatment plans and strategies will take into account any dietary or lifestyle needs that you have, so that your investment really is working for you. We work on medicine mindset and work through any difficulties or blocks you're having: there's no 'perfect' one size fits all solution, so our work together reflects that and may evolve over time.

Photo of herbal pills
photo of plates of various healthy looking foods

Whatever your age or circumstances, there is almost always a way for us to improve you health, through advice on diet and lifestyle which alone can be very powerful - hence 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'

A good herbalist such as myself, will work happily alongside other therapies. Whether this is another Complementary therapy, or with a GP or consultant, I am more than happy to have a fully integrated approach for your benefit. You may notice that I do use diagnostic techniques similar to those your GP may use, and do refer for further tests if required.


Following the birth of my second child I started to gain a real interest and passion for helping women through pregnancy and the postpartum and so I turned my focus and attention to broadening my training and trained as a Doula. You can find out more about what that entails under the Doula page.


My qualification is a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine, a four-year course at University providing an in depth knowledge of health, professional diagnostic training and a wealth of medical knowledge. I have been trained extensively in all aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and the prescription of herbal medicine.

I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which is the oldest professional body for Herbalists in the UK. See for more information. To be a member of the institute it is imperative to have the skills and knowledge to practice, take part in Continuing Professional Development and have full relevant insurance.

Over the years I have completed lots of additional training to further support my work, these include but are not limited to:

BSc Hons Degree in Herbal Medicine

VTCT in Indian Head Massage

Introduction to NLP

Natal Hypnotherapy

Doula Preparation Course

Mother Warming Workshop

Closing the Bones workshop

Biomechanics for Birth

Consent 101

Aromatherapy for Childbirth

LGBTQ+ Competency with The Queer Birth Club

The Three Step Rewind Technique for Trauma Release

Calm Family: BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm

ABM Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

I've also worked with...

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Privacy Policy

How Your Personal Information Is Used And Stored

  • Your notes are kept in hard copy in a locked cabinet and office at my home address, or in secure storage for the rest of your life as recommended by my insurer. Arrangements have been made for the secure disposal of your notes in the event of my death.

  • Your medical notes may be passed on to a locum with your permission in the event that I am unable to work for a significant period of time.

  • You will be asked during your first consultation whether you wish to receive mail updates via email. I use Mailchimp for this, and am confident that they hold your data securely and comply with GDPR regulations. You are free to unsubscribe from Mailchimp at any point.

  • I use various programmes for booking, payments and an online shop. I have checked that these are all GDPR compliant

  • All computers and mobile devices are password protected.

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