Birth Education

After having my own babies and completing a Doula Preparation Course in 2018, I decided to focus my attention on how to support pregnant women and people, and their families, antenatally and postnatally. I currently do not offer birth doula services, but I can recommend others who do if you'd like to pursue this.

Antenatal preparation, or birth education, is something I pour my heart into: it's not just learning about what different stages of labour mean, or passing a speculum around the room.


In this course we cover

* Biology of birth - birthy hormones, stages of labour

* Physiology of birth - positions in birth, active birth, movement during labour

* Pain relief options

* Birth Planning

* How to negotiate tricky situations if they arise

* Birth place options

* Birth partners toolkit

* Deep relaxation

* Fear release

* Postnatal Planning

* The Fourth Trimester (including sleep and feeding your baby)

Image by Andre Adjahoe

I use Natal Hypnotherapy techniques in our course; you may have heard of hypnobirthing already: it's certainly gained popularity in recent years but it can still be quite misunderstood. This is simply a way to help you get into the birth 'zone', turn down the outside noise and stay calm, positive and focussed during the birth of your baby - whatever kind of birth it is. 




Also as a Calm Family practitioner if you need support with baby wearing, understanding your newborn, talking about baby sleep, or feeding, or pooping... then I'm here for that too. 


It is my honour and privilege to work with you in this incredible stage in your life. 

This is SO much more than hypnobirthing: this is a full and thorough antenatal education pulling together my experience, understanding and years of study to create something which fills in all the gaps and all those 'I wish I had known that' moments. 

Testimonial for Hypnobirthing with Jo
'Jo talked at length with me and my husband about our wishes and fears. We knew there was high chance I would be induced and it was important to me to feel heard during this process which can be long and feel quite invasive.


Jo opened my eyes to a whole new world of how I really was in charge of my own body even when drs were deciding what to do with it. She informed me about how I could consent to what happened and how we could ask drs for time to decide if intervention was needed. We ended up using these skills when things didn’t go according to plan.


Jo throuroughly explained how hypnobirthing would work and taught me how to be more in control of my body. She was able to teach my husband how to help calm my breathing and to help relax me when I became tense. All of these were absolutely invaluable'          

Siobhan, London


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