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Why Compliance Matters

I posted a few days ago on Instagram and it reminded me that I have meant to talk about this for AGES! Compliance - which boils down to how well you can stick to whatever regime you're undertaking.

With my plans, it's usually a combination of dietary measures, lifestyle changes, supplements and of course the vital herbs! Compliance is supremely important to your journey and so the consultation process and treatment plan needs to be discussed openly and honestly - there is very little point in spending time and money on something that you are totally unable to be able to stick to. We need to talk about how it is going to work for you and ensure that we put into place, a treatment regime that is 'do-able' for you.

Sometimes, it's a case of us discussing what is holding you back and working around that and sometimes it is a case of logistics and us needing to make sure that your medicine is portable or fits in with a schedule.

Why is it important? Well, quite honestly I tell people that my medicine is good (actually it's awesome) but that it's not magical and so it needs for you to actually take it - it wont work miracles sat in a bottle on your kitchen worktop.

I don't ask patients to do things that I wouldn't be willing to do myself, just so that you know. I've given up dairy, I've been gluten free, I've taken supplements, taken more exercise, had a 'screens off' rule and I take my herbs. I will be honest, it took a while for me to get into my stride with them given the notable increase in family size and therefore stress, over the recent years. But you know what? Once I found a solution IT WORKED! I take my herbs and they really help.

The first step into getting well is to give yourself the time and the love to actually make sure that you are doing these things; you have made the investment to come and see me, now you deserve the investment in yourself as an ongoing concern to help get better and live a happier, healthier life.

If you are struggling to find your mojo, then speak to me! We can work out where the sabotage is and how to make sure that you are taking the herbs and following the programme

Once you start to see and feel the results, you will not regret it. But it does take several weeks to get into the zone and for the medicine to have the most pronounced effect. Keep at it - you are TOTALLY WORTH IT

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