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Oat so Nourishing!

Updated: May 16, 2019

So, one of my favourite herbs is Avena sativa, put simply - Oats!

It is a fantastic remedy for the nervous system and what we Herbalists refer to as a nerve tonic. It has a nourishing, nurturing nature and helps restore an individual when they are stressed, depressed or exhausted

To think that a product which seems as simple as oats can have such a profound effect on our health and wellbeing is quite something; that's what I find so beautifully complex and interesting about health and herbs.

Not only has this got a nourishing effect on the nervous system but also on the skin! Used topically, oats help to moisturise naturally as when they are used in water they give out a milky looking substance. This can also help to reduce inflammation and itching, I have used this on my son when suffering with chickenpox and various delightful itchy childhood skin complaints. It's totally natural and very good for those who struggle with product allergies (although I must add, please don't do this if you have a known allergy to oats please).

The way that I use oats, is in a muslin pouch. Take an old muslin or similar piece of fabric and lay flat

Put a handful of oats in the middle of the cloth (yes, really, normal porridge oats,)

Fold the corners of the cloth in, so that the oats are in a 'pouch'

Secure with an elastic band (I usually use a hairband!) and your finished article should look like this.....

Et voila! You can then use this in the bath or shower, using the oats to cleanse and moisturise your skin and because they're all tucked away in the cloth, you're not turning your bath water into porridge :)

Discard the oats after use and you may need to get rid of the fabric too so don't use anything you want to keep!

We have also used an old (clean) sock which works brilliantly.

If you are suffering with a severe or complex skin condition, or for any questions you may have about this post or other queries on herbal medicine, please do contact me for further advice. I hope this little snippet of information serves you well, it's saved me a fortune over the years and there are no added nasty surprises.

Love, health and happiness,

Jo xx

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