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Taking the hard work out of taking supplements

Updated: May 16, 2019

I have been asked many times what supplements I recommend and I thought I'd blog and introduce some of my faves!

I have spoken before on social media about how I have cherry picked my regime over the years. I tend to use The Natural Dispensary for supplements, they are fab because they are practitioner/patient only and they allow me to email a cart over to a client which makes recommending and purchasing really easy, they stock a huge range of brands so I can really pick the best of the best and I also have a discount code with them so you save a few quid too.

For some really good multi-vits I use either Cytoplan or Nutri-advanced. One of my favourites for conception and pregnancy is the Pregna-Plan, it's a wholefood supplement so absorbed well and contains the right amount of folate (the natural form of folic acid) which is recommended for conception and pregnancy

I love Bio-Kult for their probiotics: they aren't crazy expensive and they have a really good range of bacteria, which is important for overall gut health

Nutri Advanced have a great range of high strength multi's for Men and Women, I love these for a good all-round general boost

Viridian get a big thumbs up from me too; particularly their Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil, which comes in a light lemony liquid or a capsule (really, the liquid is not at all thick or fishy, it's very palatable!)

BioCare are a brand I also use a lot - for me, their range of B Complex products is second to none; it allows me to totally tailor make the supplement regime for a patient. I use the B Complex 25 to 'top up' my multivit during times of serious stress - or in those fertility patients who seem like they need it.

Better You is a company I've spoken about before too - their magnesium spray is a must have for aches, pains and muscle twitches! Used up rapidly in times of stress, magnesium is an important mineral but it does need to be considered along with its electrolyte friends like calcium and potassium, so ensure that the balance is just so.

For fertility, this is a bit more of a complex beast - the pregnancy multi and probiotics generally feature but I do tend to add in additional supplements when there are specific needs - like selenium where there are thyroid issues or extra B vits where there is chronic long term stress...

That's not to say that my herbs don't play a role - they are supremely important - but one of the cornerstones of health is good nutrition and sadly it seems like our modern diets and lifestyles can leave us woefully under nourished. Even with a good diet, due to overfarming over the years we just aren't getting the nutrients we are expecting to, from our food (Thomas, 2007). Our choices of food also has an impact of course, in fact in the 'National Diet and Nutrition Survey, performed by Public Health England, 2014,' the report states: Eight per cent of children aged 11 to 18 years met the 5-A-Day recommendation for fruit and vegetable consumption. The proportion of adults meeting the 5-A-Day recommendation was 27% of those aged 19 to 64 years' which is a woefully small proportion of our society. No wonder we are struggling. Then throw into the mix of course there is how well we absorb the nutrients once they are in our body - it's a complex situation and so to supplement does put you in a good position health-wise (as a footnote to that - supplementing does NOT replace the need for a varied and well-balanced diet)

It's difficult to sum up what's the leading lady in this production to be honest; is it diet, supplements, herbs, lifestyle... of course in my role I deal with the whole lot and i consider them equally as important, hence why I like the cornerstone/pillar analogy in that you need them all there to get the balance right. But what about when you're trying to navigate all of this at home by yourself? Well, the way I see it is that you could run through 101 lists on the internet and buy the lot, but it doesn't replace the holistic nature of a 1:1 consultation. There is plenty to be done at home of course, but when you have a complex matrix of hormonal/stress conditions coming into play then you may find that your time and money is better invested in consulting with a professional than taking guidance from strangers over internet forums.

If you or someone that you know is interested in speaking to me about their needs, then drop me a line and we can arrange for a free telephone consultation to chat a little more about what I do, how I work and whether I am a good match for you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Jo xxx

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