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Book Review - Practical Herbs 1

Ok, ok so it hasn't got the most engaging title ever, but us herbalists aren't wordsmiths and to be honest, it does what it says on the tin!

I was thrilled to be sent this book to read, road-test and review as part of National Tea Day on 21st April

The book is written by herbalist extraordinaire Henriette Kress. I love Henriettes work and frequently refer to her blog or website for useful info, and she was definitely the inspiration behind my post-partum work, indeed her guidance helping me through a difficult time after the birth of my second child. To have one of her books to actually read through and guide me in my tea blending has been awesome.

It's been fortunate timing for me, as I have been working on an exciting collaboration as part of The Herb Garden, and some of this involves the formulating of new tea blends, so Henriette's trusty guide has been more than useful. I've put together a delicious blend including mint and rose, a combo that I wouldn't have instinctively used but one that I am now glad I have done! It's utterly delicious and so refreshing; cooling without being drying and sweet without being sugary. Seriously, try it and you'll know what I mean!

Coincidentally, I ran a herb walk on the 21st too, and I brought along my trusty book to show some of my herb lovers. The great thing about this book is it is genuinely a great resource whether you are a professional or not - Henriette has some great information on storing and drying herbs, formulating vinegars, oils and tinctures and of course not forgetting the teas! It's simple to use and Henriette does make me chuckle with some of her stories; in particular one re: nettle seed and libido really tickled a member of our group...

I've had an enormous amount of fun playing with teas and as I'm still in blending mode, I'm hopeful that over the coming weeks I'll be able to compose more exciting formulae for the family (who are of course my test subjects!)

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