What can a Doula do for you?

In my role as a Doula, my aim is to support you antenatally, during birth, postnatally and beyond. Think of me as your personal cheerleader; your professional birth partner; the calm in the room. 


We mop brows, we hear you, we put the kettle on, we WhatsApp, we hold hands, we chat, we rub backs, we bring food, we apply sacral pressure, we breathe with you, we hug, we give, we support the transition into a new family dynamic. We walk the path alongside you giving you support, gentle encouragement, positivity and love all the while ensuring your needs are met and your voice heard, providing evidence based information to empower yourself with.

There is evidence to show that having a doula can mean:

  • Reduced chance of Caesarean birth † *

  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth † *

  • Reduced need for painkillers or epidural during birth † *

  • Reduced rate of induction of labour † *

  • Shorter labour †

  • Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience †

  • Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding *

  • Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks *

  • Lower incidence of depressive symptomatology †

I believe that every woman deserves to have the right to informed choice, my job as a Doula is to support and care for that woman, advocate where necessary and stand by her (and the family) no matter what. 

Postnatally, my role is pretty much whatever you need it to be; some families say they need a second 'mum' role and that's often how it feels for me, that I am mothering the mother and helping to support you all as you transition into life with that new dynamic. 


It is my honour and privilege to work with you in this incredible stage in your life. I am more than happy to add in my herbal expertise if you wish - this is something we can discuss when we first meet or indeed you can ask for later down the line. It is absolutely not essential to have herbs on board if you don't wish to.

I offer several options for Doula services have a look and book in for an intro chat to get to know me a little.

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