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Doula Services - For Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond


After having my own babies and completing a Doula Preparation Course in 2018, I learnt that I wanted to be able to support pregnant women and people, and their families antenatally and postnatally, in addition to the work I do with herbs

The services I currently offer are:

Antenatal Education

I offer a full antenatal education course, which includes hypnobirthing, to help support you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, giving you and any birth partners practical and emotional support tools to make your experience a calm and positive one.

This course is approx 10 hours of teaching time together, and is bespoke to you and your needs. We will focus on the birth process covering all types of birth: caesareans, inductions, home birth, and I'll help to answer any questions you have about birth and demystify areas which seem overwhelming. We will talk about what to expect, how to pull together a birth plan, how to stay calm in pregnancy and throughout birth, the all important (and often overlooked) postpartum planning and what to expect in those early days of parenthood. I'll also include downloads for all of your relaxation and hypnobirthing tracks, and a digital manual to help support our learning, too. You'll also have access to my various online libraries of information, should you find that helpful too. 

Find out more about this comprehensive course, here

Current Investment: £295 





* Herbal consultations for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, which you can find out about here. This is totally separate to the other offerings, but it's something we can combine if you wanted to. 


Ad-hoc Pregnancy, Antenatal or Postnatal Session - £25/hour, minimum two hours. This can be a totally standalone session, to give you some additional antenatal support. This can be informative, practical or emotional support - and can include a bespoke relaxation session if you'd like. 


Pregnancy Loss Session - £25/hour, minimum two hours. Support is vital in times like these.

Rewind Session - this is a series of 2-3 sessions for maximum benefit for you. The Rewind technique can be a useful and gentle tool for those who are experiencing unwanted emotional symptoms as a result of pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. More information on this can be found on the Three Step Rewind Page

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