Doula Services

The Doula services I currently offer are:

Mother Nurture Postpartum Doula Package - this is my comprehensive postpartum support package, consisting of 20 hours support. This can be time spent holding the baby so you can sleep, helping do some light housework whilst you recover, cooking nutritious food for you, preparing flasks of hot tea to have dotted around the house - and companionship. A friendly and understanding ear. This is mothering the mother. Holding you.

Investment £400

Pregnancy Doula Support - this is a monthly support package (with a minimum 3 month commitment). This covers up to 2 hours of antenatal sessions a month with a pick and mix selection of topics for you to choose, including birth wishes, debriefing, postnatal planning, birth choices, feeding support etc. This can be done remotely if you're further afield. Note this does not include birth or on-call support.

Current investment £40/month 

Ad-hoc Antenatal Session - £25/hour, minimum two hours. This can be a totally standalone session, to give you some additional antenatal support. This can be informative, practical or emotional support - and can include a bespoke relaxation session if you'd like. 

Rewind Session - this is a series of 2-3 sessions for maximum benefit for you. The Rewind technique can be a useful and gentle tool for those who are experiencing unwanted emotional symptoms as a result of pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. More information on this can be found on the Three Step Rewind Page

I do encourage a chat on the 'phone to discuss how we can work together, then take it from there. Please do feel free to email me to discuss further or book in for a chat here

Natal Hypnotherapy

I now offer hypnobirthing classes on a 1:1 basis: this can be as part of a Doula care package too, so contact me for more information

Current Investment: £255 

Hitchin and North London 

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