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Nourish + Nurture | Herbal Powders

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Nourishing cacao based herbal tonics.

Nourish is a perfect blend to aid and assist in times of stress to help soothe and nourish frayed nerves.

Containing Ashwagandha which is used traditionally as an adaptogenic tonic, with research showing that it has a positive impact on improving stress and anxiety. Also contains oat, another nourishing herb which is also thought to help improve stress response.

This is truly a yummy pick me up, nourishing your nervous system and supporting in times of stress, making a great alternative to an afternoon coffee, perfect for when you're feeling tired and wired.

Ingredients: Cacao, Ashwagandha, Oat and Cinnamon.

Currently out of stock. Will be back!

Nurture is my new blend which was originally designed with the postpartum in mind. The aim of this cacao-based blend is to nurture and to support milk production, but I have found myself reaching for it more and more when I am working with people who are trying to conceive, or balance their cycles, particularly where there are issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This powder contains Shatavari which is an adaptogenic tonic, ideal for supporting the body response to stress and specifically to help hormone balance. With moringa, which is chock full of minerals, protein, vitamins and antioxidants to help pack this powder full of nourishment. This powder also has ginger and cacao which not only tastes incredible but is full of vitamins and minerals to help replenish essential nutrients in the body.

Add one teaspoon to smoothies or warm drinks. Especially yummy in hot chocolate! For hot drinks: First mix into a paste first, then gradually incorporate to your warm drink.

*Based on traditional use

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