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Herbal Tea Blend

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Herbs wonderfully blended together to create a delicious brew for you - choose from the drop down menu to select your favourite.

Strength Blend (previously Goddess Blend) - This is the tea that started it all for me: a pregnant patient asked for something that helped make raspberry leaf more palatable and this blend was born! Designed not only for pregnancy in mind, but whenever you feel that your womb needs a tonic, and some tic: so from period pains, perimenopausal periods, and heavy bleeds, to just feeling tender and needing some love. This is the tea for you. Containing raspberry leaf, famous for its use in pregnancy and used her for strengthening and toning the uterus, we also have deeply nourishing iron-rich nettle, lavender and chamomile for relaxation and calm, and rose which is not only delicious, but a soothing, balancing and comforting herb. Avoid in first trimester of pregnancy.

Balance - Rose petals: Used for their calming & balancing nature. Lavender: Widely used as a soothing & relaxing tonic. Ladies Mantle: A balancing herb governed by Venus. Lemon Verbena: Delicious and zesty. Useful for relaxing & restoring. St Johns Wort: Culpepper says 'it heals inward hurt or bruises'. Lets the light in. Avoid use in pregnancy

Chillout - This blend does what it says on the tin, we always say! Lavender is widely used as a soothing & relaxing tonic. Lemon Balm is an incredible herb to help calm the doubting mind. Lime Flowers are the ultimate chillout herb! Lemon Verbena is a calming herb which also adds a delicious and zesty vibe to the mix, useful for relaxing & restoring. Passionflower helps to calm an overactive mind and Rose is uplifting, heart warming and balancing for the emotions. BACK IN STOCK! HURRAH!

*Based on traditional usage.

Use 1 tsp herb for every 1 cup of water. Infuse in boiling water for five mins, strain and drink. Using a cafetiere is ideal.

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