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Herbal Medicine has been around for centuries; it is how people have treated illnesses and ailments for years, initially the Physician would have been a herbalist and in fact around 75% of our current medications are derived from natural products according to the WHO. As a herbalist I see a variety of people with a wide range of problems. There is nothing too big or too small and because I treat people as a whole I can work from a deeper level to resolve the underlying issue whilst also reducing symptoms. This also means that we can work on many different problems simultaneously. I am there with you every step of the way, ensuring the best possible outcome.


'75% of modern medicines are derived from natural products'


I treat everyone as an individual; no two people are the same and neither is the way in which an illness manifests itself. For that reason,  I have no standard set treatment and I pride myself on my holistic approach. This is different from many treatments you may have received because of the sheer individuality of it. I really listen and am sympathetic to demands on the individual – I do not lecture; I am here to help and not to judge you.


Using Herbal Medicine is a gentle approach; it is not designed to be a quick fix, this will help to rebalance and work on the underlying issues so that we can restore your good health and you don't require ongoing medicines 'forever and a day'.


The prescriptions I use are Western Herbal Medicine; herbs in the form of liquid tinctures, loose dried herbs as a tea or capsules. It is by far better to spend the time and money to see a qualified professional, than wasting it on over the counter remedies and online advice which does not have the same holistic and personalised nature that you get with my approach. There is also the added bonus of my insight during the consultation process, on factors such as diet and lifestyle, which when put into action can have a profound effect on your health. You may notice that I do use diagnostic techniques similar to those your GP may use, and do refer for further tests if required.


Please refer to the 'About Me' section for more details on my training, qualifications and governing body.


Is it suitable for everyone?


Yes! Whatever your age or circumstances, there is almost always a way for us to improve you health, through advice on diet and lifestyle which alone can be very powerful.

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