The Women's Health Matters Project

Working with women for many years has given me a deeper understanding of the specific needs that face us with regards to our hormonal equilibrium. From teenage years and the onset of periods, through to the menopause, our monthly cycles can be something of a mystery: I hope to work with you to demystify some of your period concerns and connect you to your cycle and womb.

Our hormones impact everything we do, so being able to ride the wave of your hormonal ebb and flow can help with much more than 'just' your period; digestion, mood, concentration, libido, energy levels are just some of the things which can be affected. So if you're having issues with your cycle, fertility, menopause or any of the list above, then this plan is for you.


The 14-week Women's Health Matters Project is an incredible opportunity to invest some time and tlc on yourself: you can expect quality 1:1 coaching time with me via video conferencing, helping to alleviate symptoms and work on the underlying root causes of imbalance and dis-ease. 

For the first four weeks we spend an hour together each week with a different focus each week: this dedicated time allows us the opportunity to work through some of the issues you have been having with your health and wellbeing, identifying patters in health, possible triggers and importantly giving you tools to help manage this on an ongoing basis - I like to think of this as giving you tools for life, to dip back into whenever you need. We spend focussed time on diet and lifestyle in a sympathetic manner, investigating how we can make realistic and maintainable changes. Note the emphasis on realistic! This is a totally bespoke service and this means that we can adapt and change to make this work for you. After each appointment your herbal prescription will arrive on your doorstep with full instructions and information. I also give you access to a discount for any supplements that yu may choose to take, after we have had our session on nutrition and I've made an analysis on what may work for you.

At weeks six, ten and fourteen we review on how your treatment is going and look to make changes where necessary. I often work with people on an ad-hoc basis beyond the first fourteen weeks, but this dedicated time has such a profound impact - check out my testimonials for proof. 

The investment for the plan is £399, with a free 30 minute 'phone chat beforehand to make sure it's the right path for you. 
















As an aside, I don't exclusively work with women: no, I work with men, trans, non-binary folk and those who don't assign a gender to themselves at all. My work is mainly concerning menstrual health and wellbeing, mental and hormonal health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. In fact when we are dealing with fertility it is useful to have both parties receptive to our regime, so although women's health matters... yours doesn't matter any less as a result of that. Pop me a message if you'd like to discuss further

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