You may have heard of hypnobirthing already: it's certainly gained popularity in recent years but it can still be quite misunderstood. 

I came to practise hypnobirthing after having used the techniques myself for my third baby. I am 100% convinced that they helped me to stay calm, positive and focused not only during labour but for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond, which is pretty important for general wellbeing!

Currently, the hypnobirthing classes I offer are 1:1 sessions in and around Hitchin and Hertfordshire. I will also travel further afield, though a small additional travel charge may apply. Please contact me for more details. 

We will spend approx 8 hours together in total - this course isn't 'just' hypnobirthing, this is a whole host of top notch antenatal education, combining not only the syllabus but my expertise and experience as a doula and women's health practitioner.


We will discuss tools for your birth partner, the best conditions for labour, stages of labour, how you might feel at each stage, how to create the ideal birthing environment (wherever you are), birth options, how to negotiate more complex situations, how to implement some practical comfort measures to use during your labour and at various stages. We'll discuss different techniques and try them out so you know what works for you, so you can go away and perfect your own comfort measures. I'll teach you really practical hypnobirthing techniques for you to use in pregnancy, labour and whilst you're birthing. There is also the opportunity to download some brilliant postnatal tracks too, if you feel like those may be useful too. 


These tools are useful no matter what sort of birth you are planning. Hypnobirthing doesn't have a 'type' though you may think it does (a bit like having a doula!), but it can be enormously helpful for every birth. From homebirth to planned caesarean; staying calm, positive and focused is an incredible way to feel during pregnancy, as you bring your baby into the world, and start your parenting experience.

I am teaching the Natal Hypnotherapy system of hypnobirthing, which is well-known to midwives and health professionals in the UK. I really liked this myself as some programmes insisted on different language and Natal Hypnotherapy encourages using whatever wording you like, with an emphasis on not allowing words like 'contractions' to have too much power: this means that if you hear them along the way, you have the tools to allow them to wash over you and not feel a negative impact of their use.

After an incredible experience with Natal Hypnotherapy myself, I decided to train and I've loved it. I met Maggie (the founder) when my baby was about a year old and I had quite a heartfelt moment where I thanked her, because the programme had helped so much: helped to give me the confidence I needed to birth naturally, to stay calm and focussed, to build on my confidence to trust my body and trust the process and to help continue my healing from previous tricky births. 

Learning the hypnobirthing techniques has given me incredible tools for life, and I must say that learning to be a hypnobirthing teacher was a lovely calming experience as I was taken back to my days of using the relaxation MP3 tracks myself, so I now know that I can take myself into a state of deep relaxation much quicker - something which I have found really important as a busy parent. If you're doing the course with a birth partner, it really helps the two of you to bond and work together. I have seen some absolutely incredible births unfold with the support of hypnobirthing and a supportive birth partner - it is quite the epic team!

As well as our time together, I find out a little more about you with a questionnaire and we do a brief session before the magic happens - so that we can talk about how hypnosis works, what to expect and learn your hopes and fears. 

You'll get all of the tracks you need for hypnobirthing as well as suggestions for other tools which you may find useful. You will have access to my private facebook group and various documents, resources and further reading which I have accumulated over years of study. 

Testimonial for Hypnobirthing with Jo
'Jo talked at length with me and my husband about our wishes and fears. We knew there was high chance I would be induced and it was important to me to feel heard during this process which can be long and feel quite invasive.


Jo opened my eyes to a whole new world of how I really was in charge of my own body even when drs were deciding what to do with it. She informed me about how I could consent to what happened and how we could ask drs for time to decide if intervention was needed. We ended up using these skills when things didn’t go according to plan.


Jo throuroughly explained how hypnobirthing would work and taught me how to be more in control of my body. She was able to teach my husband how to help calm my breathing and to help relax me when I became tense. All of these were absolutely invaluable'          

Siobhan, London

Investment for 1:1 classes is £255. It can also be included in a doula package for a reduced fee